The benefits of Tubtara® blind rivet nuts

Tubtara® blind rivet nuts are a very good solution for enclosed applications that can only be accessed from one side.
Discover the 10 reasons why you should choose Tubtara® blind rivet nuts.

  1. Simple blind installation: applied from one side of the workpiece
  2. Low assembly cost: versus other methods of installing threads in plates or profiles
  3. Fast, easy assembly: further reducing the assembly cost
  4. Zero-risk installation: no damage to the workpiece surface, enabling installation in pre-coated or pre-painted applications for a clean, undamaged thread
  5. No deformation of the workpiece
  6. No surface preparation required
  7. Ideal for close-to-edge applications
  8. Suitable for repeated assembly
  9. Retained fastener: cf. machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  10. Low installation cost: no expensive tools or equipment required