Watertight HX Tubtara® blind rivet in stainless steel - up to a pressure of 10 bar

22 October 2012

At the request of many of our customers, we have developed a stainless steel version of our hexagonal closed-end HX Tubtara® blind rivet nut with underhead seal.
Samples of M8 HX in stainless steel 304 & 316 available.

  • Download product sheet of Tubtara® watertight HX 

Stainless watertight HX TUBTARA®

Semi-hexagonal shank
Flat head with underhead seal
Closed end
Stainless steel 304 & 316

Stainless watertight HX Tubtara® succesful up to pressure of at least 10 bar

Special HX head type 

The watertight HX head ensures metal-to-metal contact after setting, therefore assuring spin out resistance. The concept guarantees a well functioning seal away from the possible burrs at the drilled hole in the plate (see photo 3). The underhead seal provides very good protection against ingress of fluids, moisture, oil or dirt even under high pressures up to at least 10 bar. IP 68 guaranteed under 
Dejond test conditions.

Standard o’ring seal material is NBR (see pg 80). Other materials are available on request.


The HX Tubtara® can be used in a wide variety of markets and applications.


For detailed product offer: see pg 20 and pg 34. 
The steel version of the watertight HX is a standard part available in Zinktop 480h (CrVI-free) (see page pg 50).