New watertight solution

26 August 2020

At Dejond we continue to expand our range of watertight rivet nuts and improve our offer of worry-free, zero risk assembly solutions.

We can now also offer a Tubtara® rivet nut solution for challenging applications requiring a leak-proof, as well as a flush installation. 

With our new HDKX series with Precote® 5 resin seal, applied on the shank underneath the small reduced head, satisfying test results were obtained.


During installation of the rivet nut, excess resin material is scraped from the shank towards the head, forming a seal between the flush head and the parent material, into which the insert is riveted. 

The seal applies well on stainless and zinc plated steel and offers a good thermal and chemical resistance, making it suitable for use with water and many automotive fluids.


For semi-hex rivet nuts the advised hex hole radius needs to be observed, but if correctly installed in properly formed holes, the compressed seal only slightly reduces the rivet nut’s grip range and ensures an IP 67 waterproof assembly.


With the popular HX and HDPX series, Tubtara® has set the standard for watertight rivet nut assembly. The new HDKX with Precote® 5 further complements the range.


Feel free to contact us for more info or with any – watertight or otherwise – rivet nut application challenge.


Kind regards,

Tubtara® Team