Customised Tubtara® blind rivet nuts

TUBTARA® blind rivet nuts can be tailor-made in accordance with your specifications and to suit the demands of almost every application. Our in-house R&D engineers always strive to manufacture the best possible blind rivet nut fit.

Please take the following into consideration when ordering custom-made rivet nuts:

  • Give us an accurate description of the application. 
  • If possible, include a drawing with indication of sizes, tolerances, material type and exact sheet thickness (incl. tolerances). 
  • Tell us about other special features or important remarks we need to know. 
  • If possible, provide us with a sample of the application and/or existing fastener solution. 
  • Indicate any special technical requirements such as torque value, mount load, tensile or thread strength, etc.. 
  • Specify which type of setting equipment will be used.

Our R&D people will evaluate your request and our Sales Department will provide you with a quotation.

The examples below include a wide range of engineered solutions offering several additional features and benefits.

In all cases, we recommend testing the product in your specific application in advance.