Tubtara® compatible with available bolts with increased torque values

A white goods manufacturer has a round shank application in plastics. He needs an extra long Tubtara® blind rivet nut fit for 2 different bolt lengths. On top of that he requires increased torque-to-turn values.

Customer profile

White Goods: manufacturer of refrigerators


The application is in plastics, in a humid environment. The customer wants to assemble a component with 2 different types of bolts: a very long and a shorter one. We can only offer one blind rivet nut fit for both bolt lengths to avoid mistakes in production. It has to become an extremely long closed end Tubtara® adapted to the length of the largest bolt. The customer also requires an increased torque-to-turn value.

Tubtara® solution

Tubtara® steel M5, round shank, flat head, closed end, grip of 5.5 mm

Special features:

  • total length of 32 mm instead of 21.5 mm,
  • cross under the head protruding in the plastic to increase the torque values,
  • more threads: stronger thread increasing the pull-out force and torque value


  • Higher torque values
  • Compatibility with available bolts
  • Closed end version minimalizes ingress of moisture
  • No mistake of blind rivet nut possible

Cross market opportunities

Every application where the Tubtara® has to be adapted to suit the length of an existing fastener e.g. lighting, automotive, metal furniture, white goods, railways, road infrastructure, construction, solar panels etc.