BMW uses tailor-made stainless steel Tubtara® ’s

In the roof rails of the BMW 7 series, you will find very special, customised Tubtara® blind rivet nuts.

Customer profile

Automotive: Manufacturer BMW


Application: blind rivet nut set in roof rails, limited available space
Customer needs a stainless steel 304 Tubtara® blind rivet nut with the following features:

  • Thin hexagonal head to avoid interaction with the roof and covering hexagonal holes from different sizes
  • High ring on the head to avoid foam protruding into the thread
  • Hexagonal shank to be set into different hexagonal holes
  • Closed end version

 Tubtara® solution

Cold formed stainless steel 304Tubtara®, M7, semi-hexagonal shank, closed end, hexagonal head with high ring on top, partially post-processed


  • Stainless steel
  • Closed end
  • Unique and cost effective solution
  • M7  for optimal thread strength compared to possible fitting space