Anti-rotation Tubtara® for easy site repair

Manufacturer of roadblocks wants a round shank Tubtara® blind rivet nut with high torque-to-turn values that facilitates the frequent replacements of the bolt/rivet nut assembly due to high loads and vibration.


Customer profile

Manufacturer of access control systems, producing roadblocks for the NATO building in Brussels


Customer has problems with the cover plates of on movable roadblock systems. The bolt/rivetnut assemblies must be replaced frequently due to the high loads and vibrations.  
Different fastener solutions were tested:

  • Bolt and nut: assembly getting loose
  • Round blind rivet nuts: lack of anti-turn, so difficult to reassemble
  • Thermal friction drilling: thread damage
  • Hexagonal blind rivet nuts : risk of cracks on the corners

Tubtara® solution

Stainless steel 304 M8 ATO 55 Tubtara® with special anti-turn head offering a high torque-to-turn value.The 2 protrusions under the head of the Tubtara® are locating into the 2 extra holes in the plate. No adapted installation tools are needed.


  • Easy and fast site repair
  • High locking torque due to anti-turn system
  • Standard setting tools
  • No extra parts needed
  • Anti-vibration solution
  • Round shank avoiding cracks on the corners


Reduction of repair costs and working time on site

Cross market opportunities

Applications in aerospace, marine industry, military, maintenance & repair:

  • where high torque values are required, but hexagonal holes are not allowed or difficult to make
  • in very hard or slippery material