Dejond: Metal Matters

Dejond started as a small metal stockist in 1901. Today we are a leading supplier to the industry, renowned for our extensive knowhow in metal. Over 100 employees are dedicated to offering tailor-made solutions and establishing long-term partnerships with their customers and suppliers around the globe.

Our core business:

  • stock-keeping wholesaler of non-ferrous metals with service centre 
  • distributor of exclusive systems for architecture and construction
  • industrial supplier of high-quality, value-added mechanical fasteners and fastening systems 
  • R&D, production, marketing and sale of Tubtara® blind rivet nuts.

Considerable investments over the years have helped Dejond strengthen its position as a trendsetter and solution provider. Dejond’s name is synonymous with high-quality products, a multi-industry supply, prompt order processing, on-time deliveries and reliable (pre- and aftersales) service. Our ambition is to play a leading role in future product development, always focused on the current and future needs of our customers and end-users.

METAL MATTERS: Dejond does more than just deliver metal products, we forge long-term partnerships through dedicated solutions and customer service.

Dejond’s vision

Dejond is known for the prompt delivery of technically high quality products and excellent quality services for the manufacturing industry. We want to retain and even further bolster this market position by offering our customers a technical solution through one point of contact. The purpose is to have a supplier/customer relationship evolve to become a partnership, and as a result ensure sustainable growth of our added value. We believe very strongly that the driving force behind all this is the expertise and knowledge of our highly motivated employees. This in combination with open communication to our customers and other stakeholders means we can offer innovative solutions with the required quality on time, at a fitting price, and to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Together, we ensure a better future and consciously opt for corporate social entrepreneurship with attention to social aspects, safety and the environment.

Dejond: the industrial specialist in fastening technology

In its home market, Dejond has become a major player in fastening technology by offering a full range of high-quality mechanical fasteners manufactured by different internationally-recognised suppliers, including its own Tubtara® blind rivet nut range. The company is dedicated to serving the general, automotive and aerospace industries.

Thanks to regular supplier product training, in-house expertise and continuous search for new products, Dejond is able to keep pace with the latest market requirements and trends. In strong partnership with its suppliers, Dejond tries to solve its customers’ problems and offer advanced products that are perfectly suited to their specific applications. In other words: we offer a total quality solution.


At the request of our aerospace customers, we upgraded our existing ISO 9001 quality management system to the much higher EN 9100 level in 2014.

The EN 9100 is applicable to the development, production and sale of Tubtara® blind rivet nuts and distribution of high-value fastening systems. The certificate helps us meet out customers’ most stringent requirements while strengthening our position in the aerospace industry.

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