About Tubtara® blind rivet nuts

Riveting matters

Dejond launched its first Tubtara® blind rivet nuts back in 1954, which were then machined on a lathe. Only 10 years later, production methods evolved towards more specialised cold forming technology. Today Dejond offers one of the widest ranges of high-quality, cold-formed blind rivet nuts in the world. Each and every rivet nut is manufactured at its EN 9100 certified production facility in Wilrijk (Belgium). Tubtara® is a registered trademark of Dejond.

Besides standard and customised blind rivet nuts, the Tubtara® Division can also custom cold form selected parts according to its customers’ drawings for very specific applications.

EN 9100 certification: Quality guaranteed

The entire Tubtara® team is involved in quality assurance and is more than ever committed to meeting the challenges of the future. Living up to our social and ecological responsibilities, we try to create a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects through responsible manufacturing methodologies.

Upon the specific request of our aerospace customers, the Tubtara® Division upgraded its ISO 9001 quality management system to the higher EN/AS/JISQ 9100 level in 2014. This certificate helps Dejond to meet its customers’ most stringent requirements while strengthening its position in the aerospace industry which imposes strict safety standards and controls to ensure reliable quality.

65 years of innovation

Over the last 65 years, the Tubtara® division of Dejond has established itself as a pioneer in the production of blind rivet nuts based on a long tradition of innovation. It has been able to use its deep knowledge of materials and cold forming production processes to constantly develop its product portfolio.

The Tubtara® team heads into the next 65 years with a clear vision for the future:

  • high and consistent quality performance
  • innovation and in-house R&D
  • customer partnerships through technical and commercial support
  • worry-free deliveries

Tubtara® has the ambition to stay at the forefront of blind rivet nut design and manufacturing. As such, our goal is to continue to play a leading role in future technological developments, which is why we continue to invest in R&D.


  • 1954 Launch of the Tubtara® Blind Rivet Nut
  • 1966 One of the first European manufacturers to cold form blind rivet nuts
  • 1989 First to cold form stainless steel 304 blind rivet nuts
  • 2005 First to cold form stainless steel 316 blind rivet nuts
  • 2007 Important investments (degreasing and tapping machines)
  • 2008 New heading machine for production of more complicated parts
  • 2012 New coatings, development of the watertight stainless HX
  • 2013 First to cold form stainless A5/A6 blind rivet nuts
  • 2014 Tubtara®: celebrating 60 years of innovation
  • 2014 EN 9100 accreditation for the aerospace industry
  • 2015 New optical control Machine
  • 2016 Improved ERP - CRM system
  • 2018 Significant investments in production: new heading & degreasing machine
             Restructuring tool design shop
  • 2019 65 years of in-house Tubtara® development